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Futures and Options Exchanges

CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Designated Contract Market owned by the CME Group)
CBOT – Chicago Board of Trade (Designated Contract Market owned by the CME Group)
ICE – Intercontinental Exchange US (Formerly New York Board of Trade)
KCBT – Kansas City Board of Trade
NADEX – North American Derivatives Exchange (formerly HedgeStreet)
NFX – NASDAQ OMX Futures Exchange (formerly Philadelphia Board of Trade)
NYMEX/COMEX – New York Mercantile/Commodities Exchange
NYSE Liffe – Euronext London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange
ICE – Intercontinental Exchange Europe
EUREX – Eurex Futures Exchange (owned by Chicago Board Options Exchange)
MX – Montreal Exchange
ASX – Australia Securities Exchange
SGX – Singapore Exchange
SMX – Singapore Mercantile Exchange
TOCOM – Tokyo Commodity Exchange
HKMEX – Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange
CFFEX – China Financial Futures Exchange

Stock Exchanges

NYSE Euronext
Tokyo Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange
Deutsche Bourse