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A Quick Reminder . . .

July 28, 2012

I just wanted to remind readers of a few technical points before the start of next week’s trading.

I don’t usually mark an exact entry on the charts I share here. The arrows just show the bar of entry. Most of the time my entry will be one tick above (longs) or below (shorts) the trendline or EMA I reference. One exception to this is if this does not give me the risk/reward ratio that I want.

If I report P&L then these returns are based on my actual entries and include slippage (which is very unusual as I mostly use limit orders). They do not include deductions for commissions. I average about 5 roundtrips per day, so these are seldom more than $30.

My trading is discretionary, so sometimes things mightn’t seem 100% consistent, which is because they are not. Also, I sometimes make mistakes, even basic ones.


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